Active between 1978 and 1979, Hawklords were an offshoot from a recently disbanded Hawkwind and originally featured Hawkwind members Robert Calvert, Dave Brock and Simon King with the addition of Harvey Bainbridge, Martin Griffin and ex-Pilot keyboard player Steve Swindells.

By 1979, Steve Swindells and Robert Calvert had left, whilst Dave Brock, Simon King and Harvey Bainbridge were joined by Huw Lloyd-Langton and Tim Blake in 1979 in a newly reformed Hawkwind.

In 2009, the Hawklords re-formed without Dave Brock, consisting of ex-members Steve Swindells, Martin Griffin and Harvey Bainbridge and joined by other ex-Hawkwind members such as Nik Turner, Alan Davey, Adrian Shaw, Jerry Richards, Ron Tree, Terry Ollis and is set to also include Bridget Wishart