Hawkwind were formed in the late 1960's by ex busker Dave Brock, they were influenced by the psychedelic music of that period and their rather "different" first album reflected that. However after Ian (Lemmy) Kilminster joined their ranks, their style style changed and they started to enjoy commercial success especially after their hit single Silver Machine. Unfortunately after that they released a politically incorrect single called Urban Guerilla at the time of intense IRA activity and that in my opinion got all their music except S Machine banned by the BBC. A situation that still seems to persist to this day, you very rarely hear hawkwind on the radio. Anyway they had and still have their fan base and despite many lineup changes they have had over 30 studio albums and almost as many live and compilation albums. They have also been constantly touring throughout their career and are still doing so currently. Despite all the changes and the fall outs Dave Brock has always been at the heart of Hawkwind and always will in my opinion.